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Widely regarded as one of the best suburbs in Boston, if not the entire United States. Close enough to be an easy commute to Downtown Boston, yet worlds away in terms of atmosphere and feel, residents love living in the picturesque city. And while access to Boston’s world-class dining scene is definitely a bonus, Brookline locals know that you don’t have to leave town to find amazing cuisine.

So! You’re looking for a new apartment, and you’ve settled on living in Brookline, MA. First of all, congratulations: Brookline is a fantastic place to live. But where do you start? How do you know what kind of properties to look at? What’s the best time of year to rent apartments in Brookline, MA?

Whatever your questions, we’ve got answers. The short version is pretty simple: make a budget, figure out your timeline and scout potential neighborhoods, then start reaching out to local experts before your move in date. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be. Read on to find out exactly where to find, and how to rent apartments in Brookline.

***UPDATED*** This market report has been updated, check out our 2022 Brookline Apartment Rental Market Report!

As 2019 winds down, the apartment rental market in Brookline remains rock steady. This will mark another year of growth and development in the local market as more people clamor to move into the area. Brookline has been and remains to be one of Boston’s great suburbs, and the average rent prices for apartments in Brookline are reflective of that. Compared to all other suburbs of Greater Boston, Brookline has the highest average rent prices for both 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom apartments. They have the 2nd highest average rent for 4 bedroom apartments at $4,277, behind only Cambridge. The following table breaks down the Top 5 most expensive suburbs to rent an apartment.

History runs deep in the hamlet of Brookline, located just a few miles west of Boston’s historic city center. The vibrant community is perhaps best known as the hometown of President John F. Kennedy. Today, it is a popular suburb of Boston located along MBTA’s Green Line, making it a quick train ride from Boston’s downtown and popular sites such as Fenway Park.

Brookline Pads has published a detailed infographic showing average costs to rent an apartment in Brookline. The data used was gathered from the Boston Pads database, containing 156,000 greater Boston apartments and 500,000 pictures, along with 8,000 videos, and over 16,000 greater Boston landlord contacts.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not do justice to this oft-celebrated part of the morning, by finding the tastiest brunch spots in Brookline, Massachusetts? Whether you are in a healthy mood and craving some egg whites and veggies, or you are dying to have an indulgent and gluttonous meal, you can find both ends of the spectrum and everything in between when you visit the beautiful neighborhood of Brookline. Read on to find out our top picks.

While Brookline, Massachusetts offers entertainment, culture, and natural attractions in spades, many people flock here for the food as well. This quaint city is home to some of the most diverse and delicious restaurants in the area. Read on to hear more about our top six picks for the best restaurants in Brookline, and prepare to get an appetite.